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How to Properly Administer Vaccines to Farm Animals.

Quite surprisingly, a customer once said that vaccines should not be administered to farm animals reared for consumption as they could harm humans. This article has been created to help you better understand vaccination, the role it plays in animal husbandry, and how to properly administer vaccines. Just like humans need medical care and are encouraged to visit their doctor, farm animals also frequently need the same care and attention considering their fragile nature.

Ways Climate Change Affects Agriculture in Nigeria.

Climate Change has become a thing of concern for farmers and those in the agriculture industry. Individuals and families seem unbothered about this global issue without bearing in mind that if nothing is done to resolve climate change, the world could experience food insecurity, hike in prices of all agricultural produces and an eventual period of scarcity.

Cattle Rearing in Nigeria for Dairy and Beef Production.

Cattle rearing is an essential part of agriculture in Nigeria and since there is a minute number of exclusive vegetarians in the country, most people consume a few pieces of meat daily because it provides them with protein and other nutrients required by their body. This livestock has over 1000 recognised breeds worldwide; previously they were used by their owners to help out with farm work, however, they are currently reared for the production of either beef or dairy(milk) and their other parts are used to produce cheese, leather, jewellery, china wares, manure for farmlands, and more.